Sunday, February 23, 2014 this thing on?

Of course my last post over a year ago was about the size of my boobs!  Well, nothing has changed in that regard but lots of other things have changed and happened while I've been a non-existent blogger.  I was reading some random persons blog that someone put on FaceBook and realized how long it's been since I had written out the details of my life.  It really has been way more convenient to slap a picture with a short caption onto Instagram and FaceBook and call it good.  
But I'm going to try this blogging thing again.  The only problem is that I have so much to catch up on.  This has been such a fabulous way to journal and I don't want this giant hole in the middle of what I was dong so well at.  So, how do I fix this?  I'm just going to be posting high lights of the last year of each person in my family.  And maybe a few other things.  It will probably take me a while...but who cares, right?



BJ Barnes said...

Hurraaaaaay! You're back with your blog! I've been waiting, hoping, and nearly gave up on you! :)
Trying to fill in a whole year can be overwhelming! If all else fails, just pick up where you are now and go forward! :)
Happy Blogging! :)

AJ said...

Welcome Back!